Pre-finished two-layer and three-layer parquet

Two-layer and three-layer parquets with a finishing oak layer are new additions to our product line. Finished parquet offers an optimal compromise between hardwood flooring and classic parquet and ensures consistency with a modern interior design style, while being easy to install and subsequently maintain. 

It is available in11 and 15 mm thickness, with the length ranging from 700 to 2400 mm and the width ranging from 80 to 250 mm. The top layer is 3 or 4 mm thick, ensuring the possibility of subsequent maintenance. Similar to hardwood flooring, pre-finished parquet allows for various options regarding the finishing layer and the visual appearance of the surface (brushed, oiled, sealed finish). The finishing oak wood layer is 3.0 mm and 4.0 mm thick, with the base made of either spruce, spruce glulam or birch plywood. For the top parquet layer, we use primarily oak, as well as other types of wood.


Thickness: 11 or 15 mm.

Length: 700 to 2400 mm.

Width: 80 to 250 mm.